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Senate candidate Corey Stewart said that Danville VA was a ghost town and was coming here for a press conference to boost his campaign. I organized a counter-protest the let him know that Danville VA was far from a ghost town. Danville VA is a city on the rise.

#HappeningNow: Folks gathering outside the old Dan River Mill where Republican Senator candidate Corey Stewart is holding a press conference. There's a group of people out protesting his visit.

Posted by Itinease Mcmiller TV on Friday, July 27, 2018

Stop Separating Families Rally in Martinsville VA. #StopSeparatingFamilies Rally in Martinsville VA.

“The people are fleeing a situation of extreme poverty to come here and, more than likely, live a life of poverty in the United States,” he said. “That’s how much they want to flee that situation.”

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Danville Vigil for Charlottesville VA

After the terror attack in Charlottesville, VA, I organized a vigil in Danville, VA for reflection on what happened.


News Article: Showing solidarity with Charlottesville, dozens attend the vigil in Danville.

Charlottesville VA Peoples Summit 2017

This was a panel I participated in at the Charlottesville Peoples Summit. Here I am discussing how to build coalitions with progressive groups. Coalition building is a huge part of my ideology. We cant spread our message in a bubble or only preach to the choir and expect different results. We must continue to reach out and bring new people in.