Eric Stamps Field Organizer

Political Consultant

Campaign: Leslie Cockburn For Congress

● I performed advocacy for the candidate throughout the 5th district of Virginia.
● I assisted at Meet & Greets for the candidate.
● I created graphics for the campaigns’ social media accounts.
● I recruited delegates, voters, and volunteers for the 5th district caucuses and convention.

Eric Stamps Campaign Manager

Field Organizer

Democratic Party of Virginia

● I organized two cities and two counties in Virginia to get out the vote for the statewide election in 2017.
● I recruited and trained volunteers for leadership roles, door to door canvassing, and phone banking.
● I met daily and weekly goals based on benchmarks set by the statewide Democratic Party.
● I worked with Democratic committees in the area to further voter outreach and to recruit volunteers.
● I formed relationships with grassroots organizations to help with voter outreach and getting voters to the polls on election day.

Eric Stamps Political Consultant

Campaign Manager

Gary Miller for Council

● I managed the day to day activities of the candidate, wrote speeches, and created press releases.
● I designed and managed the candidates’ social media and website. I was about to double the number of social media followers for this campaign.
● I cut turf and designed literature for door to door canvassing.

● I completed the candidates’ financial reports.


Facebook: Miller For Council

News: Election Results

Eric Stamps

Consultant & Designer 

I have over 10 years of experience as a graphic designer and 3 years of experience in politics, working and as an activist.

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